Combined Multi Club / Facilty Offroad Event Schedule
This Schedule Contains Events
For The Following Clubs & Facilities
Please Check The Club / Facility Website To Confirm Accuracy

Free Flow Moto-X Park

Motorsport Racing Canada

AMO - Racing Reloaded


Burnt River


Offroad Ontario

Steel City Riders


Walton Raceway

World Enduro Canada

Ontario Offroad Racing Assoc.

TMR Offroad Racing Series

Bayside Trail Blazers



Thames Valley Riders

Gopher Dunes

Ontario Watercross Racing

Kennelly Mountain Moto-X

Brighton Speedway

Flat Track Canada

Sasquatch Vintage Racing

Ontario Snowmobile Oval Racers

Snowmobile Drag Racing Ontario

Northeast Snowmobile Drag Racing


Rockstar Triple Crown

Mini Thunder

Augusta Motorsport Park

PMSC Rally-X


Florida Cycle Park



Upstate Motocross

Empire State Motocross

Area 51

Broome Tioga

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Feb 6Dillaboughs, MerrickvilleSnowmobile Drag Race

Feb 13
Feb 14

Feb 20
Feb 21

Feb 27Shannonville - Free Flow MX Park ORV TrackCar Snow-X

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Mar 5
Mar 6
Mar 7
Sault St MarieSnow-X

Mar 13Shannonville - Free Flow MX Park ORV TrackCar Snow-X

Mar 14LindsaySnow-X

Mar 20
Mar 21

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Apr 2
Apr 3
Apr 4

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Been There, Done That
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Apr 10
Apr 11
Syracuse      (Postponed Until November 2021)Stadium Cross

Apr 10MotomastersPractice

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Yet To Come
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Apr 18Area 51Moto-X

Apr 18CatoMoto-X

Apr 18Moto MissionMoto-X

Apr 24
Apr 25
Gopher DunesMoto-X

Apr 25Sick BrosMoto-X

Apr 25MotomastersMoto-X

Apr 25ParadoxMoto-X

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May 2PavilionMoto-X

May 2ThornwoodMoto-X

May 2Broome TiogaMoto-X

May 2Club TrackMoto-X

May 9TBAMoto-X

May 8
May 9

May 9White TailMoto-X

May 9Moto MissionMoto-X

May 15ShannonvilleORV Endurance

May 16PalmyraMoto-X

May 16Frozen OceanMoto-X

May 16High Voltage HillsMoto-X

May 16ShannonvilleMoto-X

May 15
May 16

May 22
May 23
Sand Del LeeMoto-X

May 23Area 51Moto-X

May 23MotomastersMoto-X

May 23Cochranes XC , ColborneHarescramble

May 23TBAMoto-X

May 24Club TrackMoto-X

May 29ShannonvilleRally-X

May 30Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkMoto-X

May 30Sick BrosMoto-X

May 30White TailMoto-X

May 29
May 30
Royal MountainMoto-X

May 30ShannonvilleMoto-X

May 30Club Track MX Track & TrailHare Scramble

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Jun 2MxschoolsPractice

Jun 5Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkSxS / Quad Time Attack

Jun 5
Jun 6

Jun 5
Jun 6

Jun 6PavillionMoto-X

Jun 6MotomastersMoto-X

Jun 6TBAMoto-X

Jun 6TBAMoto-X

Jun 9Shady OaksPractice

Jun 12
Jun 13
GDR FactoryMoto-X

Jun 12

Jun 13ThornwoodMoto-X

Jun13Royal MountainMoto-X

Jun 13White TailMoto-X

Jun 13ShannonvilleMoto-X

Jun 13Club Track Modified MX LongHare Scramble

Jun 16Shady OaksMoto-X

Jun 19ShannonvilleORV Endurance

Jun 19
Jun 20

Jun 20Sick BrosMoto-X

Jun 20Frozen OceanMoto-X

Jun 20ParadoxMoto-X

Jun 19
Jun 20
Gully Mor Moto
Gully Mor Moto ‐ HS Track / Trail
Hare Scramble

Jun 23MxschoolsMoto-X

Jun 26ShannonvilleRally-X

Jun 27Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkMoto-X

Jun 27Area 51Moto-X

Jun 27TBAMoto-X

Jun 27TBAMoto-X

Jun 27High Voltage HillsMoto-X

Jun 27ShannonvilleMoto-X

Jun 26
Jun 27

Jun 30MxschoolsMoto-X

June (TBD)HORRA Burnt River XC , Burnt RiverHarescramble

June (TBD)OCMC RJ's XC , MidhurstHarescramble

TBDGopher Dunes XC - Rob Lang , CortlandHarescramble

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Jul 3
Jul 4
Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkOpen Wheel Buggies

Jul 4TBAMoto-X

Jul 4MotomastersMoto-X

Jul 4FMSQ/KMMX XC , RenfrewHarescramble

Jul 3
Jul 4
Royal MountainMoto-X

Jul 4Silver SpringsMoto-X

Jul 7Gully Mor MotoMoto-X

Jul 10Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkSxS / Quad Time Attack

Jul 11PavillionMoto-X

Jul 11CatoMoto-X

Jul 11Broome TiogaMoto-X

Jul 10
Jul 11
Swiona MX ParkMoto-X

Jul 14Shady OaksMoto-X

Jul 17MindenORV Endurance

Jul 18Free Flow MX Park - ShannonvilleSxS & ATV Charity Event

Jul 18Area 51Moto-X

Jul 18ThornwoodMoto-X

Jul 18TBAMoto-X

Jul 21MxschoolsMoto-X

Jul 24ShannonvilleRally-X

Jul 24
Jul 25

Jul 25Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkMoto-X

Jul 25Sick BrosMoto-X

Jul 25Frozen OceanMoto-X

Jul 25ParadoxMoto-X

Jul 28Shady OaksMoto-X

Jul 29
Jul 30
Jul 31

Jul 31
Aug 1
Chloe's Kingdon XC , CloyneHarescramble

Jul TBAGopher DunesMoto-X

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Aug 1TBAMoto-X

Aug 1CatoMoto-X

Aug 1High Voltage HillsMoto-X

Aug 4Gully MorMoto-X

Aug 7Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkSxS / Quad Time Attack

Aug 8Area 51Moto-X

Aug 8TBAMoto-X

Aug 8TBAMoto-X

Aug 8Royal MountainMoto-X

Aug 8Club TrackMoto-X

Aug 6
Aug 7
Aug 8
"The Thistle" Vintage Offroad FestivalMoto-X
Hare Scramble

Aug 14ShannonvilleRally-X

Aug 15Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkMoto-X

Aug 11
Aug 12
Aug 13
Aug 14
Walton Transcan - Amateur NationalMoto-X

Aug 15TBAMoto-X

Aug 15MotomastersPractice

Aug 15TBAMoto-X

Aug 15Unadilla - NationalMoto-X

Aug 21ShannonvilleORV Endurance

Aug 22PalmyraMoto-X

Aug 22Silver SpringsMoto-X

Aug 22Utica-RomeMoto-X

Aug 21
Aug 22

Aug 25MxschoolsMoto-X

Aug 29PalmyraMoto-X

Aug 29MotomastersMoto-X

Aug 29White TailMoto-X

Aug (TBD)OCMC Great Pine Enduro , Ganaraska Forest, ClaringtonHarescramble

Aug 29KWCSA XC at Moto86 , WinghamHarescramble

Aug 29Broome TiogaMoto-X

Aug 29Club Trails HS Layout LongHare Scramble

Aug 28
Aug 29
Muskoka Vintage MX & Enduro Moto-X

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Sep 1Gully MorMoto-X

Sep 4Shannonville - Free Flow MX ParkSxS / Quad Time Attack

Sep 5Area 51Moto-X

Sep 5Frozen OceanPractice

Sep 5TBAMoto-X

Sep 5TBAMoto-X

Sep 5ShannonvilleMoto-X

Sep 8Shady OaksMoto-X

Sep 11
Sep 12

Sep 12PavillionMoto-X

Sep 12Frozen OceanMoto-X

Sep 11
Sep 12
High Voltage Hills - Bikes OnlyMoto-X

Sep 12ShannonvilleMoto-X

Sep 12Whelan Farm ‐ HS (Rockton)Hare Scramble

Sep 15MxschoolsMoto-X

Sep 18ShannonvilleRally-X

Sep 18
Sep 19
Gopher DunesMoto-X

Sep 19CatoAnnual Women's Event

Sep 18
Sep 19
High Voltage Hills - Quads OnlyMoto-X

Sep 19Club TrackMoto-X

Sep 22Shady OaksMoto-X

Sep 24
Sep 25

Sep 25MindenORV Endurance

Sep 25
Sep 26

Sep 26PalmyraMoto-X

Sep 26Silver SpringsMoto-X

TBDGully Mor XC - Rob Lang , AlvinstonHarescramble

Sep 24
Sep 25
Sep 26
Corduroy Enduro , GooderhamHarescramble

Sep 26Broome TiogaMoto-X

Sep 26ShannonvilleMoto-X

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Oct 2ShannonvilleRally-X (rain date)

Oct 3TBAMoto-X

Oct 3ThornwoodMoto-X

Oct 3White TailMoto-X

Oct 3ParadoxMoto-X

Oct 3ShannonvilleMoto-X

Oct 3Club TrackMoto-X

Oct 10PalmyraMoto-X

Oct 10Frozen OceanMoto-X

Oct 10Utica-RomeMoto-X

Oct 9Jim Kelly Memorial 6 Hour Club Track/Trails HS Layout LongHare Scramble

Oct 16ShannonvilleORV Endurance (rain date)

Oct 17PavillionHare Scramble

Oct 17CatoMoto-X

Oct 17HORRA Terra Nova Enduro , LisleHarescramble

Oct 17Broome TiogaMoto-X

Oct 16Gopher Dunes Vet / Vintage NationalMoto-X

Oct 24Area 51Hare Scramble

Oct 24Broome TiogaMoto-X

Oct 31Sick BrosHare Scramble

Oct 31TBAMoto-X

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Nov 7PalmyraHare Scramble

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